Sick days and why an “alter” just don’t get it

SO WE’RE sick, and when I say we I mean me an IRL child of mine. The weirdest thing is, I think alternate mes’ dont experience “illness” and colds in the same way. Of course I say this by observations made by irl people, and not based off the internal chitty chat. Which ranges from ” I DON WANNA GO SKOOOOLLL” to “F”#$% I F”#$% HATE sick people”

They just don’t understand sick, I wonder if to them its like a figment of their imagination, like when you remember a time when you got food poisoned and sort of feel a slight wingeing. So no matter how I feel, they go about their day/space time period as if nothings different. Alters don’t get sick….****ENTER DREAM SEQUENCE….NOW!***** (I dissociated in the middle of this post.)

if (they’re) frontin’ (they) don akt sik, meh (they) just laugh at sik. mayB drink some syrup and eat some red vines, alll better. thas whats up.

I decided to block quote that just to show you how ridiculous this is sometimes. It is ludicrous. What happened to my spelling and grammar? Does it take extra effort to spell and form sentences in such a hideous manner guys, really? I wonder, I know im supposed to “ask within” but I’m not opening up this courtroom to the jury just yet. Too much drama in there, I swear if you could just listen in for a second its like 3 world wars all at once, all the time.


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