I beez in the trap… are my alters?

I dissociated and found myself face deep into a shiite Nikki Minaj playlist on YouTube the other day, when I “woke up” my heart was racing and I felt like id run a marathon. This state is usually indicative of me having just been a “teen” me, or younger me, which made sense after I checked out the rest of the videos on the playlist (goth emo hair tutorials? dunno. wtf. LOL) . While I enjoy the visual appeal of Ms.Minaj and shes puts on a great performance, Im not a fan of her music.

Ive seen people online who report having a diagnosis of DID often times associating their alters appearance with fictional characters from the media. The  images they or their alters choose seem to follow a pattern of being very beautiful, male or female, human or non human beings, anime characters, vampires , angels, and other types in the same vein. Personally Ive never thought to try to map out what my alters look like, nor have any of my alters done this for themselves (However I don’t know what the hell they’re thinking  or doing all the time so maybe they have thought about it or are running some secret alter dating website somewhere using pictures of Twilight characters on their profile trying to hook up with other alters, GO TEAM EDWARD!)  Anyways, since I dont really have a clear image of what my alters look like, I started to think  ” Well what if all my alters looked like Nikki Minaj” and voilà, an art project. No, seriously I spent like 2 days collaging various images of Nikki Minaj together, immersing myself in her music, just well, because. So you better love it internet. What if all my alters DO think they look like Nikki Minaj?? Oh god.


And a very interesting video by a rapper named B.O.B featuring Nikki Minaj for your viewing pleasure. enjoy.

and, the title, I have no idea what this video is telling me, but i like the title


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