Crisis of Identity

I think the most devastating aspect of Dissociative Identity Disorder is the inability to be true to oneself, you are disallowed to know thy self, and isnt that the first rule? Isnt that Divine Law? DiD prohibits one to know oneself. You can only know the characters in the menagerie, the roles they play, their names and numbers, all contained on a tiny stage, in a tiny opera house, in a tiny city surrounded by walls.


Ive been thinking quite a bit about the “to know” bit. To know oneself, perhaps to know can be defined in this instance as ‘to see and understand the mechanisms of it’. “It” being defined as that matter which collectively forms the unknown. Perhaps we must discover and leave the knowing to the parts themselves to truly evolve into a solid state from the liquid mercurial chaos that we currently exist as?

We are parts disjointed at the neck, arms, legs, wrists, torso, but the head remains intact, always, the head remains intact. That which we know to be our most recognizable feature. So in summary, perhaps all is not lost for us DiD.



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