Shrink rap.

A Mindy original, 15. One of the “us” up there. Please excuse the grammar…the tone…the spelling…the derogatory epithets…..the ? lol. rofl. lmao. omgzzzz. i mean OMG guyzzz.

(thanks Mindy)


Yo it started bout a year ago

i met a man with a plan

he holla’d at me

an i took dat niggaz’ hand

he say he gonna help gotta a lotta shit planned

ill be yo doc 

be yo rock

lemme take a lil look an’ give yo head a whirl

I’m the spinna’

the winna’

gonna shrink yo mind

i got planz to feed ya head take yu back to anutha’ time

im yo shrink yeah yo shrink, got degrees out dee ass

i been to kollage

i got naw’ledge

gunna give yu a pass

no pillz no thrills I’m all talk in dah end

i aint yo daddy aint yo mommy im yo professional friend

we gonna sit

gonna chat

i got some skills in my hat

yu be cool

i be cool an deez sessionz gun’na be phat




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